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Indigo Lumina
Published on December 1, 2014
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Snow-white font on Indigo background.

Side-column fadeshows.

Links you insert within your memorial text will appear in this color. As with all themes, you can set parts of your memorial text to be hidden from the "suitable for printing" view of the memorial home page.

As with all Everheld themes, the main image frame of the Memorial Home page will accommodate several images to form a mini slideshow. Tip! For best home-page slideshow results with this theme, make sure the images you upload for the home page are all of the same width and height. (Use an image editor to crop a copy of each image for your memorial.) Reason: The rounded-corner image frame in this theme looks best when it fits tightly around the image. If the images are of differing dimensions, the frame will fix itself to hold the largest width and largest height and there will be a gap between the image and the frame whenever the image is not of maximum dimension.

Memorial Home design user-image options:
   (Primary Slideshow only)

Reversal of Headplate and Image-plate locations allowed